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No Insurance? No Problem! Our Affordable Dental Plan Has Got You Covered!

If you want to maintain good oral health and develop a beautiful smile that you can be proud of, then regular visits to your dentist are critical. The problem is that traditional dental insurance can be costly for many people.  That’s why Definition Dental Studio offers an affordable dental savings plan to ensure you get the dental care you need all year long.

Our in-house dental savings plan can save you cash on routine cleanings, certain dental treatments, and more without waiting periods, deductibles, or yearly maximums. Discover whether our dental savings plan might be good for you and learn about the advantages of our in-house dental plan, how it compares with standard insurance and much more.

Making Oral Health Accessible to Everyone: How Dental Savings Plans Work

A dental savings plan is an alternative to traditional dentistry coverage that works as an affordable membership-based program.  By paying a single annual fee, you can receive significant discounts on dental services like dental cleanings, doctor exams, x-rays, fillings, dental crowns, root canals, and more.

If you’re wondering why it’s a good option when compared with traditional dental insurance, there are several advantages to take into account. First, you will not pay a monthly premium. After paying once, you’re covered for an entire 12 months. That means you’ll save an average of $20 to $50 per month for an individual or as much as $150 per month for a family.

Similarly, you will never have to pay a deductible and there are no copay costs. While deductibles depend on your specific dental coverage, they can be confusing and expensive. This is especially true if you are only getting minor dental work that will never exceed the deductible.

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Another benefit of a dental savings plan versus typical dental insurance is that there are no waiting periods, which means you can improve your oral health starting on day one. Many insurance providers require a waiting time of as long as an entire year. Plus, there aren’t annual limits that can restrict the amount your dental plan covers over the course of a year. A dental savings plan will always apply.

Finally, whereas cosmetic dentistry is rarely covered by dental insurance, a dental discount plan might reduce the price of cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, fillings, or cosmetic dental crowns that improve the appearance of your smile.

Definition Dental Studio’s  in-house dental savings plan starts at only $399 annually and includes a variety of benefits like:

  • Teeth cleanings
  • Dental exams
  • Select discounted treatments
  • No limitations for pre-existing conditions
  • No coverage denials
  • And more for you and your entire family.

It’s designed specifically to ensure you can get the dental care you need without paying exorbitant premiums or high out-of-pocket costs. In fact, it quickly pays for itself as long as you take advantage of the discounts and included treatments throughout the membership.

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Top Benefits of An In-House Dental Plan

An in-house dental savings plan, like the one offered by Definition Dental Studio, is a plan designed so that you pay your preferred dentist directly to receive discounts on dental work.

Conversely, network savings plans make you choose a dental professional within their specific network. That means you don’t always get to choose the best local dentist or the dentist you might prefer to use.

With a network dental discount plan, you get many of the same benefits compared to traditional dental insurance like no premiums, limitations, or deductibles. However, many of them do require you to pay a start-up fee before you can use it.

Additionally, an in-house plan will sometimes offer more extensive discounts for all types of treatments as well as included cleanings, exams, and other dental services that never require an out-of-pocket co-pay.

Plus, as soon as you sign up for an in-house dental plan, you can start benefitting. You don’t have to wait for a card or find a participating dentist, and you’ll know exactly what’s covered for the entire year.

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Is A Dental Savings Plan Right For You?

If you are having trouble deciding between traditional dental insurance or an in-house dental savings plan option, you will want to consider and weigh several factors.  After all, you want the best dental care for the most affordable price.

The first thing you want to consider is what the dental discount plan offers in terms of treatments and discounts. If you anticipate a certain type of dental treatment, then you should make sure that it will be covered.

Second, you want to check for any limitations for pre-existing conditions that you may have. Dental savings plans typically don’t have these types of limitations, but insurance coverage might. Check other limitations as well like waiting periods or yearly maximum coverage amounts.

You will also want to consider the expected cost of your three options: paying out of pocket, joining a dental savings plan membership, or paying monthly insurance payments. To compare these costs, you should start with the yearly fees. That is, you want to compare the annual cost of the dental plan with the yearly premiums of an insurance plan.

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Then, you’ll want to estimate the dental work you will get done or expect to get throughout the year. For example, if you plan on getting a cleaning, you will add around $150 to $200 for a standard cleaning without insurance and you also need to add the co-pay or deductible of your annual insurance plan.

Expected dental work is only part of the formula, consider unexpected dental treatments. This includes dental emergencies like cavities, broken teeth, and other immediate problems.

After comparing these costs, you should develop a clear image of the most affordable option for you, your family, and your smile. In many cases, this is a dental discount plan, but it depends on your specific oral health needs as well.

For lots of people including you, a dental savings option can simplify costs, eliminate premiums, and reduce spending on expected treatments.

Our Coverage Guidelines

The Definition Dental Studio program offers various benefits including a full year of dental care without any maximums, deductibles, or premiums. In addition, our program offers no claim forms or pre-existing condition limitations, no activation fee or waiting period, and more. Plus, it’s affordable starting at less than $35 per month paid annually.

Our plan includes:

  • Preventive Prophylaxis (Professional Cleaning) – 2 per year in the absence of periodontal disease/infection
  • Doctor exams (1-2 per year): first-year (one comprehensive exam and one periodic exam after the first year- two periodic exams per year)
  • Needed x-ray (determined by your dentist at the time of exam)
  • One emergency exam per year (if needed)
  • 2 Fluoride treatments
  • 15% off all other treatments listed (some exclusions apply)


The annual dental saving plan starts at only $399 for an individual and family in-house dental plans begin at $645

  • Individual Plan: $399
  • Family Plans: 
  • $645 for two family members
  • $795 for three family members
  • $935 for four family members
  • $110 for each additional family member after four

At those costs, you are sure to improve dental health!


Unlike traditional dental insurance, a dental savings plan covers everything without any premiums or deductibles. In addition, a dental savings plan can cover cosmetic procedures that are almost never included in traditional dental coverage. Because of this, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars a year on dental care.

Our goal is to ensure the affordability of dental care in Nolensville, GA and our uniquely cost-effective program is a good way to do that. Click here to schedule an appointment to discuss Definition Dental Studio’s Dental Savings Plan today!

Program Guidelines, Exclusions, & Limitations

The Definition Dental Savings plan is only valid at Definition Dental and Wellness Spa.
The Definition Dental Savings plan is a discount plan that is only available to patients with no dental insurance.
Cannot be combined or used:
•With insurance plans, third-party financing plans such as Care Credit, or any other discounts.
•For treatment which, in the sole discretion of our doctor, lies outside the scope of her capability.
•For referral to specialists;
•For hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind; •For costs of dental care that are covered by automobile or medical insurance;
•For services of injuries covered under worker’s compensation.
Your first year includes the comprehensive baseline exam and a periodic exam 6 months later. Each subsequent year allows for two periodic exams, contingent on regular attendance.
We will also take a complete set of x-rays at initial visit to get the most accurate picture of your current oral health. We will take check up x-rays, as determined necessary by your dentist.
Savings Plan fees must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. For family plans, all additional members must be enrolled at time of plan enrollment of first member or within 3 days of plan purchase. Plan will run on a benefit year determined by the date of enrollment and will expire one year from that initial
enrollment date.
Savings Plan fees are non-transferrable & nonrefundable after services have been rendered, even if the plan or any services listed in the plan are unused by the participant(s) in the given benefit year.


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