Hygiene Health & Wellness

Our number one mission is to ensure your overall health and wellness. Many dental issues can be prevented with routine cleanings and exams. We promise to work with your schedule to make sure we can check everything!

Dental X-Rays

The first step in preventative oral hygiene is knowing where your dental health currently stands. Dental X-Rays give our team an in depth look into the health of your teeth, inside and out. Technology has come a long way, and the radiation used in dental x-rays is about the same level of exposure as a 2-hour airplane flight! As a precaution, however, we still conduct all safety protocol to keep both our staff and our patients safe in the process.


Cleanings are highly encouraged every 6 months. Have you ever wondered why? That’s exactly how much time it takes for bacteria to form a layer of plaque on your teeth, which cannot be reached with regular brushing or flossing. Only a dental professional has the tools and experience to reach those hard to reach places. Our staff also takes this time to look for other warning signs of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, etc.


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